Template Table

This unique piece was designed specifically as a showcase for our production process.

Our current range is largely produced by CNC cutting solid bamboo sheets into components, which are then had finished and assembled into our various products. These components are ‘nested’ into sheets according to templates that we draw using architectural CAD programs. What we wanted to express to the public with this piece is exactly what these templates look like.

The bamboo top visible in the Template Table is exactly that – it is the negative space that is left once our various components have been cut from the sheet. As the table was made specifically for he launch of the Tribe coffee and Benedikt book shops, the parts that have been cut out of the sheet are actually in use in these spaces. The large voids are the table tops in the coffee shop, and the smaller voids make up a Rib Cage bench.

The Template Table is successful as a piece of architectural furniture as it clearly and honestly describes a process of construction – and once again celebrates the beauty of simple, elemental materials.