ReEvolve Shopfitting

The design concept for ReEvolve showrooms was created by 2AD Space Architects, with the detail design and manufacturing supplied by MBA.

ReEvolve is an exciting new supplier of high-quality, imported sanitary ware. The material shop-fitting concept plays on contrasts: The products for sale all deal with water and are produced to very high levels of accuracy. This is in stark contrast to the materials used to create the display stands: OSB board and laminated Cardboard. These materials give a decidedly low-tech feel which is again in contrast to the polished glass surfaces of the consulting tables, boasting integrated 42” touch screens for a unique user experience.

Another interesting attribute of this shop-fitting is that it is completely modular. All elements are flat-packed for transport and are then assembled on site using a simple system of interlocking grooves to slot together like a 3D puzzle.