Well-Slotted Stoble

A Stoble is a piece of furniture that can be used as a stool or a side table.

The WS Stoble is the simplest expression of the Well Slotted (WS) range. It consists of only three parts, all held in place by one stainless steel bolt. Its main feature is the joint in the top, which instantly communicates the assembly of the whole piece.

The WS Stoble is delivered to the client as a flat-pack set of modular elements. This allows the client to experience the joy of creating a simple yet beautiful piece of furniture in seconds.

The WS Stoble can also be ordered in a number of parts and colour configurations. The legs can be standard or branched, and the tops can be round, square or oval. All parts can be ordered in Natural (light) or Carbonized (brown) Bamboo.

Some parts used to make a WS Stoble can also be found in the WS Bench, and will re-appear in future designs as the Well-Slotted modular system is developed and extended into a full product range.